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“I want to paint the way the bird sings”, Claude Monet

This is a favorite quote that expresses the joy of painting and the spontaneity and creativity I seek to express in my art.

I feel very fortunate to live in Colorado with its beautiful scenery and spectacular skies.

I work in oil, pastel, mixed media, and on silk, enjoying the bright, vivid colors and textures these mediums provide. Working in different mediums keeps my art fresh and exciting.

Over the years, my art is becoming increasingly abstract. I try to capture a sense of place and reflection, of fleeting moments in time.

My abstract paintings, abstracted landscapes, or plein air paintings, of places real or imagined, offer vivid colors that are applied intuitively and strive to be peaceful and uplifting.
You can see more paintings and silk scarves on my web site, and at several galleries, including the Art Center of Estes Park , the Pop Gallery, and R Gallery in Boulder.

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